This questionnaire is for staff/students with a valid UK driving licence only.

If you have an international driving licence please contact

If you are hiring a car on behalf of the University, or are a member of staff, a student or a third party who drives vehicles on behalf of the University for University related business, you should complete this form and submit evidence of a valid driving licence before Insurance cover can be agreed. To do this, please go to: You will need your NI number, your driving licence number and postcode to access this information online.
Please make a note of the DVLA code you are given to access your Driving Summary.

The terms and conditions of motor policies require the University to advise insurers of any person who has committed a driving offence, has had any previous losses or has a medical condition notifiable to the DVLA (because it could affect your ability to drive safely). Failure to notify the insurers of all material information may invalidate the insurance.

If the University makes a claim on its motor insurance with you as the driver, due to an incident in relation to a fleet, leased or hired vehicle then regardless of fault, you may need to let your own personal motor insurance company know of this when renewing your policy.

The following documentation is applicable to drivers:

If you have any queries please contact

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